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Scoop Chair Low, Metallic Legs by Tom Dixon

Vendor: Lumens Lighting


Pull up a chair and dine in comfort and style with the Scoop Chair Low, Metallic Legs. Scoop's generously proportioned seat is dramatically complemented by the reflective metallic finish of its angular legs. As its name suggests, the shape of Scoop's seat is generously proportioned and designed to embrace the sitter in comfort. Modern and elegant, the Scoop Chair Low, Metallic Legs is an excellent choice for a dining chair or side chair in the home. In its 15 years, London-based Tom Dixon has become known for its inspired (and inspiring) lighting and furniture designs. Their innovative spirit is rooted in the modern application of industrial processes and materials-notably, copper and brass. From unique pendants to glamorous furniture and beyond, Tom Dixon brings a unique and rebellious design sense to every corner of a space.

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